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Chrome + Vitamin K
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Indian horn of plenty

Moringa (Moringa oleifera) is a tree named as the horn of plenty and a “Tree of Life”. It is exceptionally resistant to unfavourable weather conditions and grows even in poor soil. It is derived from bio crops in India, where it is considered an essential element of a diet. 

Nearly every part of this tropical tree is edible. Seeds serve for oil production, used for frying as well as skin and hair care.

Moringa bio by Purella is delivered as powdered leaves of this life-giving plant. 

Indian horn of plenty

Become familiar with the properties of Moringa

Do you wish to make your skin, hair, nails look better? Feel that you burst with energy? Regulate your digestive system? Powdered leaves of Moringa is rich with antioxidants and microelements. With having this superfood on an everyday basis, you will supplement your daily need for vitamins and minerals.  

As Moringa contains large amounts of iron and chrome, you will be full of vitality and regain your positive attitude. Chrome acts as an anti-depressant and helps you suppress your craving for sweets. Regularly consumed Moringa powder, featuring high content of vitamin B6 and non-saturated fatty acids supports your immune system in the fight against diseases. It also has anti-inflammatory effects. Antioxidants contained in this superfood, protect your heart, liver, and lungs. 

Add Moringa powder to your healthy diet 

Moringa goes with anything. Add 2 teaspoons of powder to pancakes and pies to supplement them with some precious components and turn them to an eye-catching greenish colour. Superfood perfectly fits fruit and vegetable juices. You may also sprinkle a bit of it on top of a salad, roast vegetables or a risotto. 

Add powdered Moringa to your everyday dishes, unless you are pregnant. The plant may cause premature contractions of the uterus. 

You haven’t seen it yet… 

Seeds of the Moringa tree have miraculous qualities. Once crumbled and put into water, they “catch” harmful elements, such as bacteria, salt, and other impurities, and form a larger lump. That helps to remove them easily.  

contains iron
contains vitamin B12
natural anti-depressant
has anti-inflammatory effects
enhances immunity

Green cocktail


1 fresh cucumber 

2 ribbed celery sticks

½ tbsp of fresh coriander

2 teaspoons of MORINGA by PURELLA

2 cm of grated ginger

1 pear (without seeds and core) 

100 -150 ml of mineral water

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