About us

We are pioneers in the market to create a holistic concept of using SUPERFOODS in daily cooking. Together with our ANIA STARMACH, we developed a new line of healthy foods, which will be not only associated with a healthy diet but also with delicious recipes. They are entirely unprocessed, top quality products from carefully selected and certified sources.  

Purella additionally offers product line BeRAW by Ewa Chodakowska. There you can find health bars, functional snacks, and smoothies.


Michał Czerwiński


Artur Gajewski

Marketing Director

Anna Koszarska

Sales Director

Robert Kadłubowski

Production Director

Łukasz Konieczny

Regional Sales Manager

Michał Kubuśka

Operations Manager

Szymon Kłosiński

Key Account Manager

Mateusz Dubina

Logistic Specialist

Małgorzata Pożycka

Billing Coordinator

Marta Habas

Brand Manager BeRAW

Piotr Dębiec

Senior Brand Manager Purella Superfoods

Social Media Specialist

Product Manager Purella Superfoods

Aleksandra Woronowska

 Social Media Specialist

Agnieszka Stefaniuk

Art Director

Anna Wojtowicz

Customer Service Manager

Your place in our organization

“Top nutritional values combined with a perfect taste are our path leading us towards success. We intend to set up trends within healthy eating and make sure our Customers have received products, they may fully rely on. We are convinced that high quality, an exceptional approach and a response to a certain need of the Consumers, will make our dreams come true, the dreams of a brand and goods that will be widely recognized and appreciated”
 – Michał Czerwiński CEO, Purella

Currently, Purella products could be found in the flowing chains: 

Rossmann, Carrefour, Żabka, Auchan, Shell, Lotos, Kaufland, Tesco, Lidl and in e-commerce: beBIO.pl, Frisco.pl, allegro.pl, bee.pl


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